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Life With Chronic Illness: 3 Ways To ROCK Healthy Eating — 10 Comments

  1. I have a friend who has many health problems. Several of us from our church take turns each week going in and helping with little things. We always cut up fresh fruit and vegetables so she can grab a quick snack.
  2. Chronic illness is a struggle for me as well because I have lupus. I have noticed there are some things that I eat which make me feel worse! Important to identify the triggers. I love posts like these because they’re so informative! Thanks for sharing!
    • Yes! Knowing which foods make you feel worse is a huge part of the battle! Then you can plan your easy foods around those things.
    • Yes. Eating well is definitely important. That’s why I want moms to be able to find ways to eat healthy that won’t drain them so much that they can’t function. I have learned the hard way that neither extreme helps you heal. I’m so stubborn that I’ve learned it the hard way many times, lol!
  3. I would suggest replacing all hand towels with paper towels if your illness suppresses your immune system. My mother did so in her kitchen and bathroom and cut her yearly colds by over 50%.
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    • It really is about balance. All junk food, all the time won’t help us, but neither will pushing ourselves to exhaustion!

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