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  1. Thanks so much for sharing I to believe God's plans are so much better and bigger than ours. I to have celiac disease also type 1 diabetes my husband has Crohn 's disease so our life is full of challenges one Dr told us we would never have children of our own. 30 years later we have two very health children both married and our son has his own children. We have a great big God that know us better than we do. Thanks sorry I rambled on. :)
    • Aww, how beautiful! My family is full of women who had babies when doctors said they couldn't. My mom, grandma, and great-grandma all defied conventional medical wisdom. In fact, my great-grandma was told that she would never be able to have more children after my grandma was born. TWENTY years later, she had my great-aunt! How lucky for us that God doesn't listen to our doctors!

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