Motherhood is amazing, awesome, and filled with joy.  It’s also hard.  And scary.  Sometimes motherhood throws us such curve balls that it’s hard to believe life can ever feel ‘normal’ again.  I know, because I’ve been there.

Maybe you feel like the juggling act that is motherhood feels impossible.  Maybe you or your child were diagnosed with a food allergy or intolerance and you have no idea how to make food that is safe, let alone tasty.  Maybe you’re feeling called to homeschool, but boy-howdy does that sound intimidating and overwhelming!  Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to start taking care of yourself and getting healthy, but you have no idea where to start.  I have been in each of these situations at least once (and some of them a bunch of times).  I’m here to tell you that living in fear of failing at the challenges of motherhood is no way to live!  I’m here to help you fearlessly embrace your life as a mom and all the bumps in the road that come with it, and to have faith that God will give you the wisdom and resources you need to succeed and flourish.

I’m Heather.  Wife to a contractor, mother to 5 little monkeys (Kayla-8, Aidan-6, Milo-4, Elizabeth-2, and Isabelle-1), and servant of God.  When my husband and I were first married I was a middle school teacher, but when our oldest child was a few years old we started to feel the call to homeschool.  I’m pretty sure God got a bit of a kick out of all those comments I used to make about homeschoolers, before I really knew what it was all about!  Now I love homeschooling (even on the hard days when I want to Google the closest elementary school).

When I’m not homeschooling the kids I’m trying to figure out ways to make the fabulous foods we see others cooking and fit them to our family’s needs.  As a Celiac EVERYTHING I make is gluten-free.  As the wife, mom, and daughter of someone with lactose-intolerance, it means that I’ve also gotten to build my skills at lactose-free and dairy-free cooking.  As mom to a little one with quite the lengthy list of food intolerances, I’m now getting to try my hand at some truly creative cooking magic.  My goal is that my kids learn to ‘make it work’ rather than learn to ‘just do without’.  With a big family I have lots of taste-testers on hand to make sure what I make is good, not just ‘good enough’, but I would sure love your help trying out these recipes with your own families and letting me know how they work for you!  Two of my most popular recipes to try first are Ham and Cheese Pinwheels and Dairy-free Alfredo Sauce. I’d love to hear back on how you used these recipes with your family and friends!

While I do love to indulge in delicious allergy-friendly treats, I also know the importance of moms taking care of themselves.  For a long time that seemed near to impossible, but I’ll let you in on the secret I learned.  You can take better care of your family if you take care of yourself!  Join me so we can get (and STAY) healthy together!

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