The Whole Crazy Family!

The Whole Extended Family



Since the bulk of my time and energy is focused on my family it only makes sense for my first post to be an introduction to the whole crazy bunch.  First their names, then to ‘meet’ them.


Starting at the top left is my husband, Anthony, holding Aidan (4).  Next is my dad, Ray, Milo (2), then my mom, Mary.  In the front is my grandma, Lillian, me holding Elizabeth (5 months), and then Kayla (5).

My husband. My rock.  Love of my life.  The man who knows to send me to bed when he can see I’ve hit a wall.  We met just over 8 years ago in Bible study.  It was a whirlwind of 9 months between when we met that day and when we were married.  This past June he earned his associate degree in Building Construction Technology and is working through the steps to open his own business as a contractor (super proud of him for that)!

My parents.  We have an arrangement that is both traditional (in the very old sense) and non-traditional (in the modern sense).  We live with my parents.  Initially it was coming on the heels of a VERY rough patch for our finances.  Eventually, though, we realized it was the best choice for all of us.  Our kids get to grow up knowing their Nana and Papa and seeing them every day.  My parents get to watch their grandchildren grow up before their very eyes.  My husband and I both grew up in cultures where having multiple generations living together is common and valued, so it made perfect sense to us (even if it seems weird or wrong to others).

My grandma. My grandma is 87 years old.  We still have lunch with her as a big family every Sunday.  As she deals with dementia and a myriad of other health problems we know our time with her is coming to an end.

Kayla. Our dear Kayla.  She is our oldest child and our first blessing.  She is a budding artist with a mathematical mind and a heart for God.  Kayla is our early riser who typically starts her days by 5:30, ready to hit the ground running!

Aidan.  Oh Aidan,  our little cuddle-bug.  He is what some would call a ‘tenderhearted warrior’  He wears his heart on his sleeve and has since birth.  He is also our resident lego genius!  Hang around for long and you’ll see his creations.

Milo. Our fiery little redhead.  This little guy had us all fooled while on the inside.  We thought he was going to be really mellow.  Then he turned out to be the kid who NEVER stops!  Learned to crawl just before 4 months and learned to walk just before 10 months and he hasn’t stopped since!

Elizabeth. Our unexpected gift.  My heart longed for her.  I prayed for God to send us another daughter, and He did.  That is why her middle name is Grace, meaning God’s unmerited favor, because even though we didn’t deserve another blessing, God gave her to us anyway.

Me (Heather). I’m a former public school teacher.  One of the ‘crazy’ ones who taught middle school.  Back then anyone who mentioned homeschooling would have either caused me to roll my eyes or gotten my lecture about why it was so bad.  Yes, I do see the humor in that now that I am homeschooling.  I have Celiac Disease and have been gluten-free for nearly 12 years now!

So, there you have it.  You have now ‘met’ my whole family.  I’m sure as time goes on you will get to know them quite well.