Teaching History- How To Do It Without Textbooks

As I sat down and fastened my seat belt I could tell the older woman seated next to me wanted to chat.  Normally I would have been all over that because I loved getting to know people.  This time I was dreading it.  I knew the usual questions would come up.  When she inevitably asked what I did for a living and I said I taught history I was going to get the predictable response.  Almost everyone I told would say, “Oh!  History is boring!”

How to teach history without textbooks or tests! #history #homeschooling #historicalfiction
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The thing is, those people weren’t wrong.  History is boring because what we use to teach it is boring.  Most  classes use dry textbooks full of seemingly pointless facts and figures followed by fill-in-the-blank worksheets and tests.  Those make it so that  kids can’t see how history is relevant to their lives.  If we want kids to connect with history and see how fascinating it is we need to ditch the textbooks and tests!

So, if you’re going to skip the traditional route, what can you use?

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  1. I agree with you that history is more interesting when we use living books and make it real for the children. In my history curriculum that I'm creating from scratch, I've gathered a lot of living books about Black history that I am reading to the children. It makes history come alive!
    1. heather
      I’m always looking for good books to use with history. I’d love to know what books are on your list!
  2. Hayley
    History is always one of those things that can be made dry and boring or engaging and fascinating, I always loved at school even we did drama in history class.
  3. Ayanna
    I was blessed to have a great history teacher in middle school that made it interesting and never boring.

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