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  1. I love this post! You make some very valid points. I love the part about how our parenting should point our children toward God. Too often I forget this. What an encouraging post. I'm sharing this on Google+
    • Thank you! Far too often I forget that part, myself. In fact, just last night there was some stress and 'strong voices' surrounding Bible time and I stopped and thought to myself, "If their connection with Bible reading is anger, is that going to make them want to draw close to God?" Yep, time to take a step back again and think about how we handle stress!
  2. Great post. The quicker parents realize there is no formula and only point them to God instead, the "easier" it will be to parent for the long haul! We are on our 28th year of parenting so far, with many more to go (our baby is one, our oldest is 28 and married with two of her own and we have ten in between in various ages). I am glad I read this today.
    • I'm so glad it spoke to you. You're much further into this parenting thing than I am (our oldest will be 7 soon) so it sounds like you could offer me a good deal of advice! What would you say the one most important thing to remember is?
    • Thank you. It's so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if we just follow formula X we'll get result Y, without fail. If that were the case, parenting would be SO much easier. In reality, though, it's both harder and easier than that.
  3. Great, inspiring post. Being open to learning new things is so important. Lots of change happens as our kids grow. Thank you for sharing. I found you at the Faith 'n Friends blog hop. I would love for you to find my link up at http://faithfilledparenting.com/2015/12/faith-filled-parenting-link-up-party-3/
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