Relaxed Holiday Unit Study- Focus on the Meaning of the Holidays



Does the holiday season seem to come and go so intensely that school just flies out the window?  Or perhaps you try to keep up with your normal school work, but feel like you’re so busy you miss out on the entire point of the holidays?  Well, not anymore!  With this Relaxed Holiday Unit Study you will spend 6 weeks focusing on three different holidays.  Not only will you have fun, you will focus on the true meanings of these holidays and getting your hearts ready for them.

Which Holidays
  • Weeks 1-2 are about Thanksgiving
  • Week 3 is about Hanukkah
  • Weeks 4-6 are about Christmas


What You’ll Do

Over the 6 weeks you will be memorizing the passage on the birth of Christ from Luke 2.  It’s broken down into easily manageable daily chunks.  In addition, each week includes:

  • Picture books to read
  • A chapter book to read (one for every few weeks)
  • Music
  • Craft activities
  • Community service


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