Journey Through Time: The Early Modern World (Classroom License)



Enjoy a brand new take on high school history!  In Journey Through Time: The Early Modern World your teen will get to explore the amazing changes to our world from the 1600s through the 1800s.*

The best part of this curriculum is that there are no boring textbooks, tests, or busywork.  Instead your teen will:

  • Read exciting living books
  • Practice backing up their beliefs and opinions with evidence
  • Explore and create art through the ages
  • Learn to put themselves in other people’s shoes as they explore historical events
  • Explore their passions through projects of their choosing

The year will be broken into 6 half-century units that explore the people, events, cultures, and politics

To make your life easier as an instructor I have included information on how to grade each component as well as a course grading page that helps you to keep track of everything for the year and communicate with parents.

This product is for use in a classroom or co-op setting.



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