Journey Around the World: A Hands on Exploration of World Cultures (Family License)



It’s time to change how we see social studies!  In Journey Around the World, your middle school child will explore the cultures of the unique regions of the world.  The best part of this curriculum is that there are no boring textbooks, tests, or busywork.  Instead your child will:

  • Read exciting living books
  • Learn to plan a trip and use various websites
  • Develop kitchen skills
  • Learn key phrases in new languages
  • Practice backing up their beliefs and thoughts with evidence
  • Learn to plan and and create projects in various forms


Not only will Journey Around the World cover a whole year of social studies, it also covers language arts through reading, writing, and speaking activities.  That means you get a curriculum to cover TWO subjects for the price of one!

To make your life easier as a parent I have included information on how to grade each component as well as a course grading page that helps you to keep track of everything for the year.

This product is for the exclusive use of your family.  If you want to use this in a co-op or classroom setting, purchase the classroom license rather than the family license.


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