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Picky Eating or Something More? A Picky Eating Game Plan — 11 Comments

    • You’re right. Most kids go through picky phases and that is totally normal. Problem eating is when the phase never ends or it is so intense that it genuinely interferes with the child’s daily living.
  1. Yes! I can definitely testify to this! As an autism mom, I have been told countless times that my boys are spoiled, but people really don’t understand. They CAN’T tolerate certain foods and food groups. They have sensory aversions, which cause a very dramatic response, much different than the reaction that typical people have to goods they don’t like. Dealing with true eating issues takes a lot of patience and understanding.
    • Growing up I was often treated like I was ‘spoiled’ or called a ‘cry baby’. At the time I didn’t understand that the foods were causing intense fear for me. All I knew was I absolutely could NOT eat them. Now that I look back I can see the signs of SPD, but at the time it was seen as a behavior problem.
    • Normal picky eating can be a developmental stage. When you hit the point of problem eating it’s no longer a normal developmental phase and has stated to interfere with daily living.
    • I was actually talking about this with our occupational therapist one day. There are a few things. First, some amount of picky eating is normal and something kids will usually outgrow on their own. Second, as we grow we learn coping mechanisms so we are better able to handle the foods we don’t like. Third, as adults we get to control the menu. How often do you cook thebfoods you don’t like for yourself? I personally never serve pineapple because I absolutely hate it. So, there is no drama over me refusing to eat pineapple now, because it’s never at our table!
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