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No More Overwhelmed Homeschool Mom- Creating A Relaxed Plan — 21 Comments

    • I totally understand. I’m a last minute planner, too. After several years of having to write detailed lesson plans for the classroom I now totally avoid it for homeschooling. So a relaxed plan like this is just what I need!
  1. Great advice. I am debating on sending my daughter to public school or homeschooling. I am the perfectionist that would probably overwhelm the kids and myself. Thanks for this!
    • The truth is that ALL of us have messed it up our first few years of homeschooling. It’s really a lot of trial and error. In reality, though, she could end up with the same kind of teacher at school.
    • This is definitely a lesson I have learned the HARD way by trying to do too much in the past! I have relaxed so much over our 5 years of homeschooling.
  2. I don't have children, but I do have friends who home-school their kids. Oftentimes, they are completely overwhelmed with it too. I'm definitely sharing your post with them! Great blog, by the way!
  3. Great reminder to not feel like things have to be done a certain way. Hope this school year goes well for you! We are slowly easing our way back into our homeschool year.
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