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Math Curriculum- My Favorite {FREE} Program & Why You’ll Love It — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you! I am looking into Zearn and was hoping for a review from a homeschooler! Do you feel like ordering the printed workbooks is helpful? I'm also wondering how long the instruction piece will take with just one student. But either way, I want to give it a go!
    • We haven’t bought the printed books. We mostly do it all online and occasionally print things out as needed. How long it takes depends on the grade level. The kindergarten lessons are much shorter than the 3rd or 4th grade ones. Also, it varies some from lesson to lesson.
  2. My MIL who teaches public school suggested this to me for homeschool but says that I need to do both Eureka and Zearn and that they complement each other. Is Zearn enough on its own?
    • I absolutely think Zearn is enough on its own! It's what my daughter used from about 2nd grade through 5th grade and she manged to score above the 90% on her standardized tests for our state! Of course, some children may need extra help on certain things, and in that situation some extra practice or different teaching methods is the right thing. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother to add anything to Zearn. It will just create more work for all of you!
  3. Do you teach it like it recommends with small group taught by the teacher, then the students do independent computer work? Or do you just have them get on the computer to do it? I don't see any place to get a teachers lesson book to go by.
    • Good question! The small group led by the teacher is really about how it needs to work in an actual classroom setting. As homeschoolers we don't need to worry about that. We just had them get on the computer and complete the lesson.
  4. May I ask what you plan to use for 6th grade? My fear is that we become fond of this program and then have a difficult time finding something after grade 5 to go to.
    • Good question. My daughter finished out Zearn last year and smoothly transitioned to Teaching Textbooks this year. She hasn’t had any problem with the switch over and TT had placement tests so you can be sure they end up at just the right level when you transition.

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