No More Boring Schoolwork!

Journey Through Time will change how you see history!


As a former history teacher, do you know what people said most often about my job?  “Oh…history is boring!”

Most of the time they were right.  Not because the subject itself is boring.  History explains tells the story of how we came to be the people we are today.  It’s infinitely interesting!

No, history isn’t boring, but the way it’s taught usually makes it that way!

I thought things would be different when I started homeschooling my kids, but I found most curriculum options pretty much the same.  Textbooks, tests, and loads of busywork seemed to be all anyone had to offer.  I knew there was a better way, so I designed Journey Through Time!

When you buy Journey Through Time: The Early Modern World you’ll get to spend a year exploring the people, places, and events that made our world what it is today.

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What Makes Journey Through Time Different?

Relevant Projects

There are no tests to dread or fight about.  Each Journey Through Time unit features a project of your teen’s choosing to help them explore their passions.

Living Books

Say goodbye to boring textbooks with meaningless chapter questions. This year your teen will read fun and interesting living books!

Hands-On Work

Your teen will get hands-on by creating art inspired by the era they are studying.  Whether it’s fashion, food, painting, or poetry, there is something for everyone.

Is Easily Adaptable

You can easily adjust the work in Journey Through Time to meet your teen’s unique needs.

Focuses on Their Future

Help your teen prepare for the future by working on planning and communication skills, and exploring the passions and skills that can lead to future careers.

Covers More Than History

Journey Through Time will cover a year’s worth of history and most of what you need for language arts for your teen for just $30!

Journey Through Time: The Early Modern World

Journey Through Time is a brand new take on history for high school students!

Say goodbye to boring history.  Instead, spend the next year exploring the the people, places, and events that shaped the world.  Help your teen prepare for their future while learning about the world and having fun!

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