No More Boring Schoolwork!

Journey Around the World will change how you see geography!


As a former social studies teacher, do you know what people said most often about my job?  “Oh…social studies is boring!”

Most of the time they were right.  Not because the subject itself is boring.  Geography explains why we do the things we do and think the things we think.  It’s infinitely interesting!

No, geography isn’t boring, but the way it’s taught usually makes it that way!

I thought things would be different when I started homeschooling my kids, but I found most curriculum options pretty much the same.  Textbooks, tests, and loads of busywork seemed to be all anyone had to offer.  I knew there was a better way, so I designed Journey Around the World!

When you buy Journey Around the World you’ll get to spend a year exploring the unique cultures around our planet.

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What Makes Journey Around the World Different?

Relevant Projects

There are no tests to dread or fight about.  Each Journey Around the World unit features a fun project using relevant skills.

Living Books

Say goodbye to boring textbooks with meaningless chapter questions. This year your child will read fun and interesting living books!

Hands-On Work

Your child will get hands-on cooking and map work for each unit plus projects that let them try out a variety of skills.


Is Easily Adaptable

You can easily adjust the work in Journey Around the World to meet your child’s unique needs.

Focuses on Life Skills

Help your child prepare for the future by working on cooking, planning, and communication skills.

Covers Two Subjects

Journey Around the World will cover a year’s worth of social studies and language arts for your child for just $30!


Journey Around the World

Journey Around the World is a brand new take on geography for middle school kids!


Life Skills over Testing Skills

Instead of focusing on seemingly random facts and test-taking skills, Journey Around the World puts a strong emphasis on life skills.  Each week your child will be in the kitchen cooking and each unit will include mapping, planning, and communication work.




Living Books Not Textbooks

Living books are these magical unicorns that will actually make your child want to learn more.  That’s why Journey Around the World uses living books with open-ended journal questions instead of textbooks with basic chapter fact questions.





Real Communication Skills

In Journey Around the World kids will learn new languages and present projects to others during each unit.  This means they get real practice at communicating their thoughts to others and understanding people from other countries and cultures.





Interesting Projects

Each unit has an interesting project to complete.  Instead of boring essays and book reports your child will be doing things like making a craft project to give someone, hosting an authentic afternoon tea, and planning a tour of ancient ruins.





Say goodbye to boring social studies.  Instead, spend the next year exploring the diverse cultures of the planet together.  Help your child develop important life skills while learning about the world and having fun!

Get Journey Around the World for $30!