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It’s Homeschool Conference Time! Plus A Giveaway! — 11 Comments

  1. We often make a trip out of it as well! I can't wait for the conference. It always feels a bit like summer camp for homeschool moms. :)
    • Summer camp for homeschoolers. Love it! It's funny because come Friday evening you can spot us all at the hotel with our goodie bags from the conference. If you see me at the conference, say hi!
  2. I am bringing my son and baby this year. He will babysit our 9 month old so I can breath in all the morsels of wisdom. I am excited to go.
  3. This would be my first homeschooling conference in Oregon. We've been homeschooling for about a decade now. We moved here from the east coast in 2011, and haven't done a lot of traveling out of the Mid-Valley.
  4. No clue how many conference we have gone to! Had to drag hubby to the first one, but he has gone willing ever since then! :)

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