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Homeschooling Through the Hard Days — 6 Comments

  1. So True! Sticking to the basics and being willing to throw in the towel for a day here and there is okay. Honestly, so much better than losing your cool with those precious kids. School is important, but so are those relationships you are building. I wish I had read this when I was first starting out. Oh how I would push through some tough days, when really if we had just stopped and enjoyed our time together our next days would have most likely gone much better than they did. Live and learn. I'm so glad you put this out there for other new to homeschooling parents to read. :)
  2. Great tips and YES, we have all been there! Thank you for sharing this with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! :)
    • Thank you. While you never want someone else to go through hard days, isn't there a comfort in knowing you aren't alone in it?
  3. Some excellent homeschooling wisdom. I was homeschooled during the last few years of high school--which was quite a while ago. This really is wise advice. I think homeschooling parents can put too much pressure on themselves. Traditional teachers and traditional schools have rough days too (and sometimes even take breaks from the learning). It's OK for us parents to extend grace to ourselves and to our children. Thank you for this excellent reminder.
    • That is so very true. I was a public school teacher in my earlier years and I KNOW I had bad days where things just didn't get done the way they should. Days when outside interruptions (from rallies, and assemblies, and fire drills, and a thousand interruptions) meant that almost nothing tangible was accomplished. If I could extend myself grace then, I can extend myself grace now!

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