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Easter Unit Study: A Focus on God’s Greatest Gift

“What’s the best part of Easter, guys?” What did my kids say when I asked that? The candy.  Mom fail!!! I, umm…think we may have gotten a bit off track here, folks!  We had let all the commercial trappings that society has attached to Easter distract us from the true importance of the season.  Right then and there I knew something had to CHANGE!  Now you can join me in reclaiming the holiday with this fabulously fun Easter unit study.

Use this Easter Unit study to focus your family on God's gift of salvation with some worship and scripture and a whole lot of fun! #easter #unitstudy

Focus Your Hearts

Commercialized Easter is sneaky.  It’s easy to let the fun things going on around us distract us from the true purpose of Easter.  Now, I’m not here to say that you can’t have a candy basket on Easter Sunday, or that you’re a terrible Christian if you go to an Easter egg hunt.  My own family loves those!  It’s more a matter of where your heart is focused.  That’s why I designed this Easter Unit StudySign up for my newsletter to get 50% off the unit study!

Focus Your Heart through Scripture Memorization

Colossians 3:16 tells us, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly…” (ESV) and Psalm 119:9 says, “How can a young man keep his way pure?  By guarding it according to your word.”  That makes it pretty clear that knowing scripture well is essential.  The Easter Unit Study will provide you with a plan for easily memorizing Luke 24: 6-7.

 Focus Your Heart through Journal Questions

The Easter Unit Study has a journal question for each of the 10 days.  These give you the opportunity to focus on the deeper meaning behind what you are learning.  Your family will better understand how to apply what they learn to their lives by thinking through deep questions together.

Focus Your Heart through Daily Activities

The activities most often associated with Easter are egg hunts, visiting the Easter bunny, getting candy, and, yes, going to church.  Let’s turn that on it’s head!  Make egg hunts and candy the fringe extras and God the main focus of your activities.  There is a special activity for each day of the Easter unit study, but they are centered around worshiping God and serving others.

Be Imitators of Christ

Ephesians 5: 1-2 instructs us, “There fore be imitators of God, as beloved children.  And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us…”.  We are meant to live our lives in a way that reflects God’s character.  This Easter Unit Study offers a few ways to do that.  Be sure to get your 50% off coupon for the study by signing up for my email newsletter!

Imitate Christ by Serving Others

Read through the new testament and you’ll see numerous examples of Christ serving others.  He fed some people, healed others, and showed love to all.  Many of the daily activities in the Easter Unit Study involve serving others. You can easily adapt them to both younger and older members of the family.

Imitate Christ by Praising God

Christ spent time worshiping his father in heaven.  As imitators of Christ we need to do the same.  Singing hymns and praise songs as a family is a great way to put that into practice!  I made a playlist of songs to use during the unit study.  They will prepare your hearts while helping you to worship God.

Imitate Christ by Discussing God’s Word

Christ often used stories (parables) and questions to teach others.  That’s why reading Bible stories together as a family and talking through them is part of our homeschool day.  You’ll do the same during the Easter Unit Study.  Each day there is a journal question that will help give your family a deeper understanding of what you read that day.

Get a Broader View of Easter

People often only study Easter starting with the night before Christ’s death.  I think a broader view of Easter is better.  That broader view helps to set the scene and better our understanding of the gift of Salvation.  The Easter Unit Study will help you get a deeper understanding of Easter by taking a broader view of the story of salvation.  Don’t forget to get your discount code by signing up to join my community of fearless moms!

A Broader View through a Collection of Stories

The stories in the Easter Unit Study start when Jesus arrives in Jerusalem and continue through his resurrection.  You’ll see the big picture of how Christ was treated and how he loved those around him while honoring God.

A Broader View through Daily Activities

James 1:22 tells us to, “…be doers of the word, and not hearers only…” (ESV).  The daily activities in the Easter Unit Study will help your family apply God’s word to their lives in real, tangible ways like gathering donations for charity after reading about the poor widow’s gift.

A Broader View through Deep Questions

Look at the parables Jesus used to teach others.  He told stories and asked deep questions to get people thinking about the Truth.  You’re going to do the same thing with the journal questions during the Easter Unit Study.  If you’re children aren’t at a point where writing answers works, the journal questions can easily become discussion questions.

Prepare Your Hearts with an Easter Unit Study

Take some time this Easter to focus your hearts on God’s Greatest gift- salvation.  A fantastic way to do that is through the Easter Unit Study.  Be sure to sign up to receive encouragement and support straight to your inbox and get a coupon for half off your unit study!

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