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Diaper Bag: What Do You Really Need?- Having A Baby Part 2 — 2 Comments

  1. This is a solid list. My babies aren't babies any more, but I'll admit that I almost never carried my diaper bag into wherever I was going unless I had an immediate need for it. I found that I was already plenty encumbered with my baby / toddler and siblings and that trying to also manage a sizable bag was a real irritant. (Backpacks are better, but still!) So, if my destination was the grocery store, library, restaurant, even church, I left the bag in the car. Obvious exceptions were extended trips far from the car, when I'd typically be using the stroller as well. I also had a smaller (often ad hoc) bag for the absolute essentials (extra diaper, pad, and wipes - probably the nursing cover too) that could be carried more easily. Things like My change of clothing always stayed in the car unless needed. Yes, this meant emergency trips to the car when the inevitable blowout occurred. But for our family, not trying to manage a large bag at every moment of every trip was a fair trade off for the spare organizational capacity.

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