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An Open Letter to Patients — 5 Comments

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    • We LOVE our new pediatrician (who was actually our old pediatrician before she moved practices). We had to go through a lot of less-than-great doctors to get there, though!
  2. I am so happy I finally have a doctor for my husband and I that I actually trust! He listens to me when I tell him how I am feeling he immediately orders an ultrasound or bloodwork whatever is needed to find out why. I love my girls' pediatrician, but I only see him once a year when I have to take the girls in for when they are sick I never know who I am going to see, which drives me nuts!
    • Thankfully our pediatrician's office tries their best to get you in with your regular doctor for sick visits. They only put you with someone else if there are no openings available with your chosen doctor. We have had to see others a few times, but try to stick with our doctor for the most part. I remember when our youngest had to be taken from the pediatrician's office to the hospital in an ambulance due to low oxygen. Our pediatrician looked about as traumatized as I was! Since then she wants me to be very careful to make sure our daughter's oxygen levels stay ok during colds and bring her in at the first sign of concern (we have a family history of asthma). When we had to see another doctor at the office for a respiratory bug she gave me this look like I was being a bit dramatic for coming in so quickly, but our regular doctor was glad we came in and made sure everything was ok!

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