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An Open Letter to Doctors- From Sick & Frustrated Patients — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, this. I know so many people in the same boat. I have been suffering with various "weird" symptoms for years. I am not a great self advocate. When my primary care physician didn't sound interested, I just let it go. I wasn't feeling so bad I couldn't function, after all. Years later I decided I had to get this thing figured out. My daughter had celiac: maybe I did too. So I insisted on every blood test under the sun with my new PCP. They all came back negative / normal except for moderately low iron, and I think it would have stopped there if I hadn't pursued it. She referred me to a rheumatologist, who diagnosed fibromyalgia within minutes. Of course, that's a "do nothing" diagnosis add I'm still not sure how deeply I believe in it as the cause of all my symptoms, but at least someone finally took me seriously when I said "I hurt all the time and it's not joints and not muscles and not skin but it's real." If my first PCP had been just a little more approachable and interested in more than checking off my "yearly physical" box... Well, at least I would have started on learning how to manage or reduce symptoms. Ugh. I still need to find a pro to help me figure out my food triggers. And the task exhausts me mentally.
    • It’s frustrating, isn’t it? We shouldn’t have to fight so hard to get someone to listen and take us seriously!

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