5 Favorite Fall Potluck Recipes

“Dang it!  Bible Study is tomorrow and I forgot that I needed to bring a dish to share.  Plus there’s the women’s tea coming up and I need to bring something for that.”  This is me pretty much every week at the start of fall.  

No more scrambling to find a potluck dish once you read my 5 Favorite Fall Potluck Recipes!
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As summer’s lazy days and barbecues give way to fall’s busy schedule full of potlucks I continually find myself in need of a dish to share.  That’s ok, though, because the rich, indulgent flavors of fall are perfect for potlucks.  My handy list of 5 Favorite Fall Potluck Recipes means you’ll never have to scramble to make a plan like I used to!

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Meat Dishes

We meat eaters want to make sure there is something hearty and protein-packed to balance out all the desserts we plan to eat.  Both of these recipes fit that bill perfectly!

You don’t get much more traditional for a potluck dish than a casserole.  They are creamy, a nice balance of protein, starch, and veggies, and oh so delicious!  While some are full of less than pleasant ingredients, this Whole Foods Chicken Real Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole gives you all the flavors you love with none of the ingredients you don’t.  Even better, they have a chart here for how to make Cream of Something Soup (chicken, mushroom, etc.) based on any allergies you might have.

A few years ago I saw a piece on The Chew about some AMAZING ham and cheese pinwheels, but just about every aspect of their recipe was something that we couldn’t use.  So, doing what any Celiac should do when faced with this dilemma, I reworked the recipe to make it fit our needs!  These Gluten-Free Ham and Cheese Pinwheels are sure to be a big hit!


While casseroles scream potluck, soup is the quintessential  fall food.  It’s sure to warm you on those cool evenings.

There’s this lady you may have heard of who makes all sorts of recipes I love.  They call her The Pioneer Woman.  Her recipe for Broccoli Cheese Soup is AMAZING!  It’s easy, hearty, rich, and cheesy.  Basically everything you could want in a soup!  It’s so good that our host daughter from Germany asked to have the recipe to take home with her!  I can also assure you that GF flour works just fine for the roux.

Soup screams of fall.  Squash screams of fall.  That must make squash soup the ultimate fall food.  As a busy mom, though, I don’t always have time to stand over the stove and cook.  I need things that are fast and easy.  Gimme Some Oven has an absolutely fabulous Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup.  Your slow cooker can do the work for you while you go about your day.  As a bonus, the soup is dairy-free!


Every potluck needs a treat!  I mean, is it REALLY a potluck if there isn’t anything sweet at it?  If you’re assigned to bring a treat to a potluck, these Gluten Free Dairy Free Cinnamon Apple Muffins are perfect!  The warm cinnamon spice and sweet apples balance to create a lovely fall flavor.

Now that it is fall and potluck season is upon us, we need to have a few options in our cooking bag of tricks.  Whether you’re called to bring a main dish or a baked treat, you’ll have a tried and true recipe ready to go without having to scramble to make a plan!







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  1. So glad you posted these dairy-free and gluten-free recipes! My son and I have lots of food allergies and it's nice to find some comfort food recipes we can eat. :D
    1. heather
      I'm glad you found a resource here! You might also be interested in my Oatmeal cookies and Alfredo sauce recipes on here. They are both GF and DF as well.

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