Tips for Homeschool Moms Series 2023

Now that I’m a full decade into the homeschooling journey, I think I can be classed as a ‘homeschool veteran’.  That means I’ve picked up a few handy tips along the way!  What is my # 1 tip?  Stay flexible!!!  The best part about homeschooling is that we have the flexibility to do what works best for our families.  Join me over the next 10 days as we walk through all the ways you can keep your homeschool flexible.


It's time to ditch the tests and embrace project based learning to help your kids explore their passions and prepare for the future.
Why You Should Embrace Project Based Learning
Home to Homeschool with Project Based Learning
No More Overwhelmed Homeschool Mom!
Year-round homeschooling is a great way to embrace homeschool flexibility. It allows us to adjust our schedule to meet our unique needs!
Homeschool Flexibility: Year-Round Homeschooling
Fun Homeschooling: Using Holidays to Spice Up Your Year








3 Reasons to Embrace Audiobooks
Make Social Studies Exciting This Year
A Great Homeschool Year Starts SLOW!
A family taking a homeschool break while moving.
Homeschool Flexibility: Taking Homeschool Breaks







Use this Relaxed Holiday Unit Study to spend your holiday season focusing on the true meaning of the holidays in a laid back way! #holiday #unitstudy #homeschool
Relaxed Holiday Unit Study: A Fun & Easy Study of 3 Holidays








Tips for Homeschool Moms

Join me, Monique from Living Life and Learning, and over a dozen other homeschool mamas as we share tips just for YOU and YOUR homeschool.

Homeschool Planning

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Organizing the New Homeschool Year by Homeschoolin’ Mama

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Creating a Plan for High School with Lifeskills and Social Skills by Ten Minute Momentum

Just for Moms

Self Care for Homeschool Moms by Just a Simple Home

Help for Homeschooling Mompreneurs by Thrive at Home

General Homeschooling Help

History and Geography Resources by The Homeschool Breakroom

All About Lapbooking by Heart and Soul Homeschooling

Teach Kids Healthy Wealth Habits by The Homeschool Cafe

Homeschooling Little Ones

Hands-On Preschool Learning by Homeschooling with Faith

Fun Food Activities for Kids Learning by How to Homeschool My Child

Summer Fun

Free Summer Printables for Kids by The Art Kit

Summer Skill Building by Schooling with Grace



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